DES XAVIER compulsive disorder                        los005music release

Des-Xavier releases his album called compulsive disorder. The second of a trilogy on State of Mind, Compulsive Disorder is decisevely dark techno, progressive and tribal. You might think you are in a derelict warehouse near a once vibrant city center now become defunct.

DES XAVIER attention disorder los004music release

Des-Xavier releases his album called attention disorder. The first of a trilogy on state of mind, attention disorder is a trek down electro infected dubstep grooves.

DES XAVIER toulouse la rouge los003photo release

Toulouse la rouge is a photography book depicting the many shades of red one can find whilst strolling the streets of Toulouse. The reader is invited to use this book as a rough guide to walking its streets. A pdf version may be freely downloaded. A hard copy may also be ordered via lulu.

DEMODULATE lightly broken los002music release

Lightly broken is an ep of ambient glitch soundscapes. The duality, omnipresent between light and darkness, rumbling bass and melody, simplicity and complexity, create a soundtrack to broken bits of modernity.

BOKI virulente los001music release

Des-Xavier´s project Boki, releases its album called Virulente. Virulente is an incursion into the dark urban corners of the mind of Des-Xavier.With 23 tracks and running at 70 minutes it is filled with atmospheric d·n·b and dubby world grooves.